Custom Design/Manufacturing

Ginko Systems provides custom design and manufacturing for customers. Many customers desire sleek, custom design for their important kiosk program. Form, enclosure, materials used in construction, colors, branding, ergonomics, signage, and customer interaction form the basis of a kiosk strategy.

Ginko Systems can assist our customers with specialized design, engineering and compliance with international certification standards including UL, CE, CSA, FCC and ADA. For many corporate customers, the initial customer impression of the kiosk is critical to business success. For these customers, branding/image/customer interaction is critical. Custom kiosks are a low cost approach to unique customer experience.

Ginko Systems use high quality electronics from vendors such as Dell, Diebold, MEI, Samsung, Hitachi, HPQ, Telpar, and others to form the basic kiosk components. Specialized devices such as dispensers, special displays, and other devices are integrated with high quality metal, wood and plastic parts to form a unique kiosk for our customers.